The Money Goddess Academy for women to turn their financial dreams into reality!


“You are the master of your life – you are the master of your mind – you have the power to change the way you think and feel. You have the power in you to achieve your goals, to become the person you want to be, and to live the life of your dreams.”  Zlatoslava Petrak

Why the Money Goddess Academy

The philosophy of the Academy is that ever women, regardless of where they are in the world, or their own personal circumstances are entitled to be wealthy.  Why should the wealth be held and managed by men, and nations?  As a woman you have as much say in your world as anyone else, in fact potentially more so as you are the bearers of the future generations. 

There is no lack of money, only the belief that there is, which stops you from being wealthy, or as Karen Bashford, creator of the Academy puts it financially successful, because not everyone wants to be “wealthy.”

The Academy was born out of the realization that  women self-sabotage whether in business and personally leading to lack of financial success, often caused by the conditioning of family, friends, peers and society. Or from experiencing mental, physical or emotional mistreatment which has led them to lack self-esteem and belief in themselves.

The mission of the Academy is to provide you with the right mindset, to stop self sabotaging your ability to become financially successful.  To educate and empower you in to make sound financial decisions,  to enable you to pass your knowledge and experience on to those around you, including your children. But to also improve your relationship with others, to have better health, be happier, and wealthier to led a life of abundance and prosperity.

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